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Who is CollegeRumble.com

CollegeRumble.com is a Social Network of College Students around the nation who come here to compete against their rivals in anything college-related. Whether it is the Best Tailgater, or the Best Poet, or the Best Football Team... they can all Rumble here.  They simply upload their pics /vids/ etc. and battle a rival college to see who is “The Better ____.” It is also a forum-anchored site which allows students plenty of motivation to stay on our site and engage in various activities.

Founded by college students, CollegeRumble.com is New... It’s Fun... and It’s Free entertainment and an opportunity for every College student to show School Pride and compete for their school.  CollegeRumble.com exudes with the Energy, the Spirit, and the FUN “Flavor” of College Life!!

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Advertising to The College Market...

Marketing to the College Market is like hitting a moving target. The marketplace evolves at the speed of light. The number of messages targeted at young people increases constantly. Traditional media tactics alone don’t work in this market. They don’t move fast enough.
Fortunately, by coming to CollegeRumble.com, you’ve solved one of the important factors in getting your product into this important market segment’s tech-saavy hands.

This generation responds to total immersion. Messages are targeted at them where they live, learn, shop and play. They respond to one-on-one interactions with a brand. They respond to messages that talk to them in their own language.

Our format here @ CollegeRumble.com enables  you, the Marketer, to connect with the College Crowd where they live, learn, shop, and play!  While very brand aware, they have yet to establish brand loyalty. This is a Fresh platform for you to market your product and tap into the College student’s psyche.

> Increase engagement with your customers and prospects.
Everyone now realizes that in the new age of marketing to this type of market, your goal should be to get potential customers to engage in a more personal, individualized manner with your product.  This type of engagement offers them a vibrant user experience, not only to engage them, but to gather information as well.
The type of engagement opportunity we offer at CollegeRumble.com leads to longer session times with your creatives, which increases the chances of that visitor purchasing your product and/or service and recommending it to their friends.

Take Advantage of our GRAND OPENING SPECIALS
Become a FRIEND to CollegeRumble.com... the next BIG THING on the College Scene!

> We offer 3 types of marketing opportunities.
Marketer Engagement Page: Let the College Rumble Crowd experience your products.  Enhance your brand and target the right consumer.   We enable marketers to build individual relationships with new, existing, and future customers - delivering the right message to the right customer, in the right media , at the right time with your own Marketer Engagement Page. Your Creative Dept. simply forwards us your creatives in the form of HTML and we’ll publish your dedicated CollegeRumble Engagement Page.
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: $2500/month

2. Rumble Ads: Another vehicle to maximize the exposure of your Brand on CollegeRumble.com is strategic use of Banner Ads Space throughout the website.
   a. Header (728 X 90) (TOP of Page)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: $800/month
                               (BOTTOM of Page)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: $500/month 
   b. Right Margin (160 X 600)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: $700/month 
                               (120 X 600)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: $550/month 
   c.  Inside Pages (various sizes)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: various /month 
   d.  CollegeRumble SHOP Ads (various sizes)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: various /month 

3. Local College Page Ads: Each College has the opportunity to WIN their own College Rumble page (for example, “The University of Texas Rumbler Page”). This is a School Pride page highlighting the accomplishments and exploits of UT students/alumni as it relates to CollegeRumble.com activities. Ideal for local and national advertisers wishing to captures this segmented market’s attention.
   (various sizes)
Grand Opening Introductory Rate: various /month


Contact ADS@CollegeRumble.com for more information on your marketing engagement here on CollegeRumble.com.

The Marketing Dept.

Contact: RumbleR@CollegeRumble.com

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