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 SHOE PERSONALITY... What is yours?

Are you a Free Spirit? Do you live your life based on the ideals of Peace and Love? The Bohemian fashion personality reflects women who are carefree, romantic and free-spirited. These fashion fanatics tend to wear pieces that are layered in different textures, floral prints and funky patterns in an array of rainbow colors. Giving a subtle nod to our Hippy sisters from the 1960's, a true Boho loves footwear with Platforms, Fur, and maybe even gypsy-like metallic embellishments. Their closet is filled with embroidered tunics, feminine flowing skirts, flared jeans, ethnic jewelry, caftans, maxi dresses and hand-knits. Brands like EMU Autralia and Naughty Monkey.

Va-va-va Voom! Do you like to turn heads with your womanly curves? Do you demand attention where ever you go? The Bombshell fashion personality is a woman who wants to be noticed. These ladies are daring, sexy and sultry and tend to choose body hugging dresses, deep V-necklines and thigh high slits. The Bombshell loves to turn heads in figure-hugging styles with single-color blocks of black and bold monochrome colors, to be paired with sky-high heels. Animal Print and Patent Leather are staples of this vixen's Shoe Closet. Platform Pumps with Skinny Stilleto Heels as well as Over the Knee Boots personify the "all-eyes-on-me" attitude portrayed by this confident lady who knows how to work her assets.





Is "VOUGE" Magazine your personal guide to life? Do you Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Designer Labels? A Park Avenue Chic personality likes to send a message that they are fashion sensible and well versed in the world of high fashion design and haute couture. The trademark of these fashionistas is luxury and wearing Designer everything is imperative to setting foot outside their door. You will often see these ladies wearing items sold on Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue. While their clothing style might seem understated and mostly black or neutral, everything they own is impeccably handcrafted and tailored to fit them like a glove. Often their accessories give off bold statements and set trends with brands like Badgley Mischka and Ivanka Trump

Are you a Girlie-Girl through and through? Do you exude femininity Morning, Noon, and Night? The Lady persona is one to boast longer full skirts and elegant gloves. This fashion personality is all about showing off the waist in delicate and flirty high-quality fabrics, which show off their shape but not much else. Feminine detailing such as lace or ruffles is not uncommon, while the use of a classic color-palette and soft florals is chosen over bold and over-the-top prints. These fashionistas tend to trade-in the season’s latest trends for pearl necklaces, shift dresses, high necklines and luxurious cardigans. Pastel Satins and Pretty Pumps embellished with Bows are a few of these Ladies favorite things. Brands such as Bourne and Seychelles are the epitome of their sense of style.



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Do you make your own Fashion rules? Do your friends constantly ask you for your expert style opinion? A Fashion-forward personality is a woman who is not afraid to experiment with unexpected pairings such as a tuxedo jacket with a feminine dress. Interpreting runway looks into everyday wear is like second nature for them. These women love the top designers and name-brand items, and aren’t afraid to run full-steam ahead with the latest trends. They generally mix stylish designer pieces with vintage-inspired items to create a style of their own. These trailblazing ladies will usually be found in bright colors, sequin dresses, mixed coordinates, and chunky jewelry. Sky High Platforms and Usual Cuts and Shapes in their Footwear are key. Brands like Luichiny and Shoe Republic align with their sense of fun and fierceness.

Do you like to stand out from the crowd and despise dressing "normal?" Do you piece together your wardrobe in a way that no one else does? The Eccentric fashion personality has fun with fashion and doesn’t take herself too seriously. These ladies tend to wear quirky eye-catching styles while using imaginative forms of fashion by incorporating non-traditional items as part of their ensemble. Forget safe these ladies are all about wacky mismatched pieces, bold color choices, prints, and wild heels that leave most people wondering “What would I wear with those?!”. The Eccentric lady can be found wearing mismatched prints, printed tops, neon or ripped tights and extreme shoe styles. Playing it safe is boring and this gal likes to push her fashion limits. In her Shoe Closet you'll find brands like Iron Fist, Irregular Choice, and Michael Antonio.





Do you prefer timeless styles that are always in vouge? Do you like to borrow fashion tips from old movies stars of the silver screen? A Classic fashion personality wears well-fitting clothes with structured shapes and clean lines that are always neatly aligned and arranged. The Classic personality tends to shun the latest trends, and will gravitate to elegant outfits that will stand the test of time. Pieces are worn in the basic color palettes of white, black, gray, navy and khaki, while using accessories to give a subtle nod to color or trends. The Classic personality gravitates towards tailored slacks, a-line skirts, button down tops and knit cardigans. Pumps and T-Straps are staples in this Lady's wardrobe. Brands like Sam Edelman and Kelsi Dagger are favorites for this Classy lady.

Do you like the simpler things in life? Do people often tell you that you are the "Girl Next Door?" The All-American fashion personality is laid-back and easygoing in their style choices. These ladies tend to choose function and comfort over the latest trends, and aren’t afraid to regularly sport ballet flats, jean shorts or a messy ponytail. Wearing little to no make-up or maybe your man's button down shirt, you make everything look effortless and relaxed. This down-to-Earth diva tends to stick to what’s safe, comfortable and easy. With cowboy boots and espadrille sandals in shades of brown, red, and blue your closet is often filled with casual mix and match pieces.




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