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True Story.  Reprinted from NBC News.
70-year-old Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs
By Isolde Raftery, NBC News
On Wednesday morning, Terry V. Garner, a 70-year-old Oregon farmer, went to feed his animals. Several hours later, when he hadn’t returned, a family member went to look for him and found, on the ground of the hog enclosure, his dentures.

Further investigation of the enclosure revealed that the hogs, which each weighed about 700 pounds, had nearly completely eaten the farmer, although some body parts were strewn about the enclosure.
Now the Coos County Sheriff’s Office is investigating how Garner “ended up in a position where the hogs were able to consume him.” According to the Sheriff's statement:

There are several scenarios being investigated, including that Mr. Garner had a health event, such as a heart attack, which then put him in a position where the hogs could consume him. Another scenario being investigated is that given the age and health of Mr. Garner, that one or more of the hogs knocked Mr. Garner to the ground, whereupon that hogs killed and consumed him. In addition, due to the unusual circumstances presented
The statement added that at least one of the hogs had previously been aggressive toward the farmer but did not specify how many hogs live on the farm.
Garner’s remains were examined on Saturday by a pathologist who was unable to determine how the man died. A forensic anthropologist at the University of Oregon will also examine his remains.
Answering the phone at Garner’s home Monday, a man who described himself as a family friend described the tragedy succinctly: “What a way.”

This isn’t the first time hogs have eaten their farmers.
In 2004, a Romanian woman was knocked unconscious and eaten by the pigs on her farm, UPI reported at the time. The news report did not say whether the woman survived, only that the pigs had eaten the woman's ears and half her face.
Her husband, sedated, told reporters: "I'll never breed such beasts again."

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True Story.  Reprinted from NBC News.
Worker cooked to death at a Bumble Bee seafood plant in California
By NBC News staff
California workplace safety officials are investigating how a worker at a Bumble Bee Foods seafood plant wound up being cooked to death in an industrial oven.

The accident happened Thursday morning at the Bumble Bee Foods factory in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., KTLA.com reported.
Police and fire personnel, responding to a 911 call from the business, found a worker dead inside a cooking device called a "steamer machine,” according to KTLA.
The victim was identified as Jose Malena, 62, an employee at the factory for more than six years.

An initial investigation indicated that Malena “was fatally injured when he was cooked in an oven," California Division of Occupational Safety and Health spokeswoman Erika Monterroza told the Whittier Daily News.
Cal-OSHA is trying to determine how the man wound up in the oven and whether there were any workplace safety regulatory violations


Stranger than Fiction!

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